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Random blogs & insights as I learn tarot on the go!

So sitting in the sun in my breezy yellow striped sundress & thought I’d do a quick blog on some new meanings I discovered last month.  These cards indicate working with metal.  Now just guess what Suit they would involve….. Swords of course, because they’re made with metal.


Ace Swords or Page of Swords

Now probably almost any Sword card would do, but when I read for someone who was debating between two careers, electrician or welder, these cards came up.  A welder works with steel, so guess which career he was gonna be going into?

If he was going to be an electrician you’d have likely seen the Tower, or even the Ace Wands.

This could also indicate mining for metal or other professions that involve working with metal.

So how would you know these cards are indicating welder as opposed to medical, or military professions?

Well medical would have a card like 8 Swords or 4 Swords with it, while military would have cards like the Chariot around it.

Welder?  Well, that card would indicate a union or trade, so you’d look for 8 Stones or 3 Stones.

Steelworkers or Ironworkers Unions

Now this combo could pretty much indicate any trade that involves working with metal.  right?  But because trades often involve unions, 3 & 8 Stones can indicate unions too.  If you combine with the Swords cards above, it could also indicate the Steelworkers or Ironworkers union.  I know the Steelworker union branched out to include non-trade jobs, such as office work.  So it can indicate a member of a metal union, even if the job itself doesn’t involve working with steel.

I’m an ACTRA member (Canadian film & TV union), and we’re affiliated with Steelworkers,  so, depending on the cards around it, this can indicate a change that’s coming from or supported by the Steelworkers.

Cool eh?

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Last weekend I was reading a feisty, warm hair dresser who’d organized a party near Orangeville & what came up was that she’d be retiring out of province.  When I asked where, I got the High Priestess.   Continue reading

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OK, so here are some more tarot card meanings & nuances I discovered at this month’s Psychic Fairs in Kingston & London: cards for a Treament Centre, an acute illness & a lab tech.  Fun, Fun! Continue reading

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Read at a Psychic Fair in Kingston last weekend (April 15 – 17, 2011) and in Ottawa (April 8-10) before that.   I often try to jot down new interpretations of individual tarot cards that may crop up during a reading.

It’s a great way to learn and fascinating! Continue reading

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I was reading for someone last week, and the 10 of Swords and 4 of Swords showed up in the 2nd house (House of Career & earned income). Hmmmmm. Well, 10 of Swords can indicate big trauma, when paired with other trauma cards. Depending on where it shows up in your spread, or what you’re asking about, it can indicate divorce, being laid off, bankruptcy, theft, an accident, surgery or a life threatening illness. You know – all the fun stuff.

10 Swords can also indicate an accident, particularly a car accident as well as surgery, & spinal injuries. So what do you get when you combine the trauma card & 4 Swords? Well 4 Swords can indicate hospital but also time off. 10 Swords can indicate surgery from accident. OK.  Seemed to me it would be post-surgery/accident rehab. And sure enough it was! Continue reading

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Are there cards that suggest an affaire de coeur? Mais oui! Now remember, although these cards are likely to indicate just an affair, whether it will become more than that will depend on what the ‘outcome‘ cards are. Continue reading

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OK, so one of the things I learned when I was reading at the Psychic Fair in Hamilton last weekend, was another card for a grocery store.  I read someone who worked for a large grocery chain (Sobeys).   Continue reading

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Recently I got called to do background the day on The Listener. So I pulled some cards for fun to see if I could tell how long the day would be and what time we’d start. It’s been quiet, and I was really hoping for some overtime. Continue reading

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So I’ve found that, for me, if I’m asking about someone, particularly a child or young adult & I get Page Coins (Stones/Pentacles), with a “negative” card such as 5 Swords, or 5 Wands, the person may have a disorder that affects their ability to learn or interact socially, such as autism. Continue reading

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A while ago, I read someone who had  a couple of Queens in his House of Lovers/Travel (5th House).

A very successful man who traveled frequently for business, he also had the Knight of Wands in his 5th House. Continue reading

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