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Welcome to Rebel Tarot!  I created 35 videos tutorials for you!  I added links at the end of each video, do all you need to do is start with the video 'What is Tarot', and click on the link at the end of it, and it will take you to the next one.  I have ordered them in a way that facilitates quick learning.  Many of you have asked for more videos, but I don't plan on creating more. I found them far too time consuming to produce for the number of hits they produced.  But they're a great start, so take a look and have fun!!



Playlists are groups of videos - usually not more than 5 or 6 - that will play one after another without you having to do any clicking!  I have lots of fun play lists, so you can give them a shot too!
Getting Started
 Overview of the Suits
 Yes No Cards
 Spreads (Including Love & Work Sample Spreads)
 Tarot Tips 1
 Card Meanings: Fool, High Priestess & Magician

2 Responses to Rebel Tarot-YouTube

  • Hi Nalani:

    I am keen to learn tarot. Do you teach tarot ?

    • I’m thinking of it. But I did 30 odd videos on YouTube under “rebel tarot”. Check them out and share them if you like them. And read “Tarot Plain and Simple” by Anthony Lewis. Really good book. My other advice, and you’ll see it on my sample spreads in my Rebel Tarot YouTube videos…. don’t get attached to a certain spread. Query the cards. Continue to ask specifics with the cards. Drill down, as they say…. Back to the question of whether I’ll teach, contact me in July or August and remind me. I may do a webinar or something like that. OK?

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