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The Lakshmi mantra magnetizes great abundance! This mantra is already charged with two "seed"(or bija) mantras:  Shrim, which attracts abundance, and Maha which infuses the affirmation with greatness (quantities & quality)! I then added Klim which helps one attract what one desires.
Runic Infusion
I added a powerful bass-line chant of four runes:
  1. Dagaz brings good health, prosperity & new beginnings;
  2. Wunjo brings happiness and success;
  3. Fehu protects, increases one's power & magnetizes prosperity to one; and
  4. Gebo brings harmony, partnership & romance.
What's Included in Your Affirmation (Mantra) Package
To see what tracks are included in your affirmation package,  go to nalani-mantras/lakshmi-abundance
Musical Structure
To find out more about the musical structure of the mantra, go to nalani-mantras/mantra-structure Purchase Your Mantra Music Now! To purchase & download your powerful mantra package, go to store/music-store/ So get ready to have your luck change for the better,  joyously and easily!
So get ready to easily, joyously draw great abundance to you!

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