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Driven by haunting vocals and primal drums Nalani Mantras seduce the body into a trance where one can meditate deeply, chant along with, or simply absorb the power of, these ancient mantras! Each purchase of a Nalani Mantra Package includes 5 tracks:
A spoken introductory track that outlines what the mantra means and does;
A spoken track to practice pronounciation of mantra.
A soothing song that breaks the chant down into smaller phrases that are sung at half speed so the learner quickly, easily becomes comfortable chanting the mantra. It's also evocative and beautiful as a song on it's own, and can be listened to long after the chanter has mastered the chant.
A stunning full-length musical version of the mantra.  It includes a vocal line where the mantra is chanted exactly 108 times (a sacred and magical number in many religions), a bassline of powerful runes sung to add depth and power to the main chant, and an evocative moving melody line designed to draw the listener into the chant.
Practice Remix of Mantra
A remix of the mantra with the melody moved to the background and the chant brought to the foreground so the listener can more easily hear the chant and practice chanting along.
CD Cover Artwork
I also included the front and back CD cover artwork for each of the packages.

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