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I found certain cards seem to indicate areas of the house!  It's great, cos if you lose something in your home, you can ask the cards where it is!
Hermit, 9 Swords, Moon Why? All cards imply darkness.
The Devil & Cups cards Why?  Cups is water.  And of course, the shower & sink involve lots of water.  The Devil can indicate bodily functions & colon.  So the Devil refers to toilet.
4 Swords, 9 Swords Why?4 of Swords refers to retreat or sleep, and the 9 Swords shows someone in their bed.
Computer Room
8 Stones, World Why? 8 of Pentacles is the card for a computer, and the World is the card for internet.
Entertainment Room
Star, 7 Cups, Moon All three cards indicate the Entertainment and Movies.
Family Room
10 Stones, 3 Wands Why? This is because the 10  Stones indicates a family while 3 Wands indicates fun group activities.
Garden [Food]
7 Stones Why? This is because 7 Stones usually indicates crops, so this would be a little garden where you're growing stuff you can eat.
Wheel of Fortune, Chariot & 2 Stones Why?  Both cards show wheels - which indicate cars, bikes, etc.  They're usually kept in the garage.  

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