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I found certain cards seem to indicate areas of the house!  It's great, cos if you lose something in your home, you can ask the cards where it is!  So here's Part 2....
Strength Why? Strength implies working out.  This can also indicate where your pet sleeps, particularly if it is large, because Strenght can indicate pets.
2 Cups or Ace Cups Why? It represents a small, romantic place with water.
Kitchen/Dining Room
9 Cups, Temperance Why?  Well 9 Cups in Rider Waite shows a chubby guy enjoying food & drink.  And Temperance often indicates chefs, or people who love food.
Man Cave
Emperor Why? Emperor implies the head of the house, the father, patriarchy.
6 Swords Larger body of water, so in a house, that would be a pool.
3 Stones, Page Stones Why?  Page of Stones indicates a student, or study.  3 of Stones suggests working on a skill, so this doubles both as a work shed, and a library.
Sun Why? Sun indicates, well, sun, so any place sunny, or the solarium, which means sun room, is indicated by the Sun.
Yard and/or Flower Garden
9 Stones Why?  The Rider Waite cards shows a woman standing in a lush garden.  

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