In honour of Pride, an on this fabulously sunny Pride Weekend, I’ve written a blog on which cards can indicate someone who’s LGBT!  Now as you know, tarot cards originated in 12th century Italy amongst the nobility.  Not exactly a sexually liberated culture.  So I’ve learned which cards indicate lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people by experimenting & understanding the nuances of the cards & card combos.  This is what’s worked for me so far, but if you find cards that work better for you,  use them.  And if you’re an LGBT tarot fan, let me know what you’ve discovered!

OK, so here we go..


In the Horoscope spread, the 5th House indicates affairs, 7th House indicates partners/marriage, & the 8th House indicates sex (amongst other things). So, for example,  if you’re reading a woman & you see a “female” card in any of these Houses, this may indicate a lesbian or bisexual.  Cards have many different meanings, so look for indicators in other Houses & or ask the cards directly.   Then confirm.


This either about sexual experimentation or gay sex. The Fool indicates both a gay man and someone who is bisexual. In looks it would be a “Twinkie”, a Peter Pan type – boyish, slender, youthful & androgynous looking.

King Stones

If you already know you’re reading for a gay man, King of Stones, is often a bear; very masculine, stocky,  hairy.  Man’s man.  You know?  Yup. Bear.

Queen Wands

This can often be a gay man, or a mature “Queen“.  This, more than the other Queens, tho I’m not really sure why!

Knight of Cups

This also can imply someone who’s gay – this is the Kurt (Glee) type:  often a younger gay man who’s boyish, sensitive & artistic – into fashion and/or music.

Page Wands

This is can be either a lipstick dyke, or a transvestite/Drag Queen.  Someone who loves, loves to dress up & party & who is all about the dresses & stilettos & false eyelashes!


Haven’t read for anyone who’s transgender yet, but I’ll wade in anyway! :-)  If you’ve already confirmed the person you’re asking about is LGBT and you’re what their orientation is, pull clarification cards (several) & watch for cards that may indicate surgery, doctors, & drugs for hormones.  You may also watch for cards that indicate the transgender’s emotional journey. Those cards are:

Surgery:  (8 Swords, 4 Swords or Tower),

Drugs: (7 Cups) for hormone treatments, &

Doctor/surgeon: (Queen or King of Swords)

You may also get emotional indicators:

Balance because the person may feel the sex-change rectified(s) an imbalance – that of being born a sex they didn’t identify with.

Shame of  or discomfort with the body (Devil)  The Trans person may feel a sense of shame or discomfort with their body because it doesn’t jive with who they are inside.    Betrayal is 5 Cups and may show up if the person feels betrayed by having been born with the body they have.  9 Stones & 9 Cups is happiness & strong sense of self that come with having a body that matches what the person is inside! Cool, huh!

High Priestess

There is one card in the deck that indicates a lesbian, and that’s the High Priestess. But it can also indicate celibacy, so see what cards are around it.  Again, if this comes up in 8th House of Sex & then you see a sexual attraction card like Ace Wands next to a “female” card, such as one of the Queens – and you’re asking about a woman, well, you have your answer!

Knight Stones

This can be a traditional dyke – rather like KD Lang – a lesbian who dresses in utilitarian clothes that in our rather rigid society are identified as being “mannish).  Why Knight of Stones?  Well, this is a young male card – which is rather what women who dress in gender-neutral clothes would look like.  (Again, think the famous cover of KD Lang & Cindy Crawford).  It is also a card of someone who’s practical & something that’s utilitarian, which “man” clothes are. Capiche?

Hope you had fun & if you find any LGBT interpretations as you’re reading, particularly if you’re in the LGBT community, email me!

And Happy Pride!

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