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WALKING CARDS So I already knew this, but I have a couple of cards that indicate ambulating – walking. You know? Death, 2 Stones @ the Chariot. And, selectively – Hermit. They have different energies. Death is often walking. 2 Stones can be faster walking, or biking (because of wheels), and that can include dirt bikes & motorcycles. The Chariot can be biking, running, jogging, but most often race car driving.  Speed is implied. Hermit & Death though can often indicate stiffness or slow “old” walking: measured & careful. If you've asked about illness and one of these cards come up, it can often indicate difficulty walking. 9 Wands if accompanied by another walking card, can indicate the person needs a cane or staff. If walking cards show up with Temperance or 9 Wands, in a question about health, it can indicate vertigo.  But more on that later!    

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