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The Major Arcana (or 'secrets') are numbered from 0/1 (the Fool) to 21/22 (the World), and can presage a momentous shift in one's life. They are powerful icons that, even though they were chosen hundreds of years ago, are recognizable now.  You may not know a thing about tarot, and you sure as toot weren't alive n the Middle Ages, but  you can probably figure out that Justice has to do with, well, justice, and Death would have to do with death, or some very final ending, while the Sun is bright, sunny  & probably good.
The following is a list of the Major Arcana, cards including the card number, a brief (traditional) description &  the popular astrological association: See how many cards you can guess the meaning of without looking!  Now remember, these are very generic (one might say safe) interpretations of the Major Arcana.  I'll get into more detail later, but this is a good place to start! Ready Freddie?  🙂
0 The Fool
Fresh start, new beginnings, sudden departure, & naivite. Uranus.
1 The Magician
Powerful, virile man, competence, decisive quick action.  Shrewdness. Mercury.
2 The High Priestess
Psychic ability, intuition, dreams, femaleness & celibacy. Moon.
3 The Empress
Mother, pregnancy, feritility. Venus.
4 The Emperor
Father, patricarchy, stability, ambition, corporations. Aries.
5 The Hierophant (or le Pape)
Church & religious ceremonies; traditional institutions, universities.  Taurus.
6 The Lovers
Lovers, torn between two lovers, major decision, partnership. Gemini.
7 The Chariot
Competition, conquest, victory after struggle, honor, vehicles.Cancer.
8 Strength
Strength, victory through persuasion, non-violance, tact, large animals, physical strength. Leo.
9 The Hermit
Counselor, meditation, solitude, introspection, elders.  Virgo.
10 The Wheel of Fortune
Sudden change of fortune, gambling, lucky break, car. Jupiter.
11 Justice
Law, legal affairs, court, phallus/testicles, contracts, ligitation. Libra.
12 The Hanged Man
Voluntary sacrifice for better good, suspension of action, delay., letting go. Neptune.
13 Death
Sudden, inevitable change, significant life -altering event, death. Scorpio.
14 Temperance
Balance, co-operation, reconciliation. Saggitarius.
15 The Devil
Raw bodily functions, addictions, toxic attachments, oppression.  Capricorn.
16 The Tower
Crisis, sudden end of old way of life, natural disaster, accident, sudden traumatic event. Mars.
17 The Star
Optimism, creativity, faith in life, angel watching over you. Aquarius.
18 The Moon
Female, subconscious, hidden enemies, deep emotion, intuitive creativity. Pisces.
19 The Sun
Optimism, success, good fortune, happiness, prosperity, positive action, sun, children. Sun.
20 Judgement
Judging or being judged, court, transformation, metamorphis, crucial decision that changes life. Pluto.
21 The World (or the Universe)
Success, wholeness, achievement of goals, achievement happiness, new cycle, international travel. Saturn.

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