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A self-proclaimed psychic card reader once told me that a real psychics don't need to practice. Bullocks. Does a gifted athlete need to train? Yes. I believe that the more you practice reading tarot, the more detailed & accurate you'll be, and the less draining it will be for you. Over the years, I've discovered ways to make my tarot practice more effective, so I thought I'd share them with you in the hope that it helps you:
Start with a Deck Rider-Waite Based Deck
The Rider-Waite deck is the definitive tarot deck, & rich in iconic imagery.  It is to tarot what ballet is to dancing; it may not want to be the deck you want to specialize in, but like ballet for an aspiring dancer, it will give you a solid foundation & great technique!  Personally, I use two Rider-Waite based decks: the fabulous Robin Wood deck, and the Universal Waite deck.
Educate Yourself
You're going to need to learn about tarot. If your deck comes with a book, read it. Then try to find other resources, either classes, books or websites (like mine!) There are lots of books out there, but most of them cover the same ground. It's very hard to find resources that go beyond the basics.
I've found two books that do, and I highly (did I mention highly?!) recommend them if you want to go beyond the basics: Tarot Plan and Simple by Antony Louis; and Tarot in Ten Minutes by Richard T Kaser
My favorite tarot site so far is Acclectic Tarot. You can check out different tarot decks, visit their forum, check out reviews on all things tarot, and even get a free tarot reading – or several! Fun & informative. Another site to check out is Astrology Zone. I know, I know, it's an astrology site. But in her Resources section, the irrepressible & brilliant Susan Miler has a kick-ass description of each of the 12 Astrological Houses. Essential reading for those of you who want to learn the Horoscope Spread.
Read Yourself
People often ask me if one you can (or should) Read for yourself. You can and you should. The psychic ability that allows someone to intuit what the cards are trying to say is often blunted because the person is too close to the situation your asking about. Because of this, reading for oneself forces one to depend on your knowledge of tarot cards. And that's exactly why you are the perfect practice subject! Once you've gotten comfie reading for yourself tho, branch out by reading for a close friend. If they're not going to be there when you read for them, I'd advise that you ask their permission first.
Keep the Time Frame Short
You want to find out how accurate you were quickly, so limit your practice questions to situations that are likely to be resolved within a month. Daily & Weekly spreads are fabulous practice spreads for this very reason. I'll have more on those later.
Keep the Questions Specific
General or 'spiritual' tarot card readings are the easiest, and almost all a beginner can do. If you want to grow, ask specific questions & try to get a specific response. What is going to happen tomorrow? Am I going to pass my math exam tomorrow? Am I going home next month, is there any romance for me this month?
Start with Simple Spreads
Start with a simple spread – no more than four cards, and then layer.   Spreads I like to practice with are:
Single Card Spread
Four Card Spread
Daily Spread
Weekly Spread
As I said, I'll have more on those later.
Take Pictures of Your Spreads
Sometimes you won't understand what the cards are trying to tell you. That's OK. Take a picture of the spread, note what you asked & do your best to interpret it. Then put it away. After the situation has resolved, go back and look at the photo & notes (see below). Compare the cards to what actually happened, and you'll inevitably have one or more ah-hah! Moments.
Keep Notes
Have a tarot notebook, file, or even tarot database. As you discover new meanings of cards, jot them down!
Check out Tarot Adventures!
I'll have lots of learning-on-the-go stories at Tarot Adventures, so you'll not only get to learn as I learn, but you'll get to see tarot in action! Happy practicing!  

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