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If you want to know the exact date and hour something is likely to occur, I feel astrology would be better a better choice than Tarot, because it's built around dates. It  can give specific dates down to the hour, because according to astrologists, the energy coming into your life is “written in the stars” and was set before you were born. So if you want to know what your life is going to be like in, say, twenty-one years, five months and three days, astrology or numerology would be your best bet because the energy was shaped by when and where you were born, which remains fixed, so with astrology you can get a blueprint for your life. So why not just go to an astrologist? Why bother with tarot at all? Because while astrology can tell you the energy that will be in your life in twenty-one years, five months and three days, it doesn’t always reflect the choices you’ve made and what’s coming into your life as a result of that. And tarot does. My friend, a stay-at-home mom, was advised by an astrologist that during a period the following year, she would be inundated with job offers and would land a wonderful job. My friend snorted, and when the time came and went, she rolled her eyes and said the astrologer was full of - well, you know. So I asked her, ‘Did you look for a job?’ No. ‘Did you send out your resume?’ No. ‘Did you think about the sort of job you wanted?’ No to that too. The Universe might well have been trying to send her golden job opportunities, but she was too scared and too lethargic to recognize opportunities, let alone take advantage of them. Had she had a tarot reading, the card that would have likely come up would have been the Four of Cups: Restlessness, boredom, dissatisfaction, and a sense of being let down although the person letting one down was oneself... And sometimes something that 'should' come into your life takes it's own sweet time. A well-known and gifted astrologist told me several times that something specific and transformative was going to happen in 1996. It's 2007 and it still hasn't happened. It could. She insists it will. But she could either be wrong, or it will come when it's ready - and when I am. So what I'm trying to say is that both methods have their strengths, and when deciding whether to go to an astrologer or a tarot reader, evaluate your needs carefully then choose the medium that will best fulfill your current needs.

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